A change in the landscape of Basque Country mass media: the Independence factor plus the crisis of 2008

  • During the period 1975-2017, the independence group Euskal ta Askatasuna (ETA) was present in the Basque Country and employed violence as a vehicle to obtain independence. ETA's presence together with the Left abertzale affected social, cultural and economic the entire Basque society, provoking also dramatic changes in the Basque mass media. Moreover, the 2008 global crisis provoke new social networks and new electronic media, addressing an increasingly proactive social community. This also has promoted a significant number of new newspapers, radios, blogs, televisions and other media of communication that are today active in the Basque Country.
    Our goal is to organize in this section a comprehensive list of new and traditional media present today (2018) in the Basque Country. Our goal is to help institutional selectors to identify changes that are presently occurring in the Basque Country.


    Basque Country:
    Digital news & newspapers born during 21st century.