A change in the landscape of Spain:
New mass media after the crisis of 2008.

  • The informative treatment of the 2008 global crisis that has particularly affected Spain, together with the new social networks and the new cybernetic media serving an increasingly proactive social community, has led to endless new newspapers, radios, blogs, televisions and other media of communication. However, at the same time the consequences of that global crisis have has dramatic effects in the Spanish mass media business. According the Informe Anual de la Profesión Periodísticas 2015 during the period 2008-2015, 375 media business have closed in Spain among newspapers, magazines, television, radio networks and press agencies.
    Because libraries, archives and research centers in the United States may not be aware of that dramatic new sift and transformation that is currently happening in the Spanish mass media, we are organizing in this section a comprehensive list of new and traditional media present today (2018) in Spain. Our goal is to help institutional selectors to identify the changes that is presently happening in Spain.


    Digital news & newspapers born around the crisis.

    Digital news & newspapers born around the turn of the century

    Catalonia: Well known Newspapers

    Catalonia: News magazine