Statement of Purpose
The mission of SIS is to provide a forum within SALALM for identifying, collecting, organizing, providing access to and preserving information resources from and about the Iberian Peninsula in support of education and research.
The goal of the group is to continually develop SALALM's expertise in research trends related to Iberia, Ibero-American relations, and Iberian relations with Latin America.
Furthermore, the group seeks to encourage, monitor, and evaluate changes in the publishing and distribution industries in Spain and Portugal.
  • Advise content providers on Iberian information sources.
  • Influence the development of bibliographic resources.
  • Outreach to documentalists, librarians, research institutes, and library and information schools.
  • Maintain cooperative relationships with publishers, vendors and information distributors.
  • Represent SALALM at other library and information science organizations interested in Iberia, including ALA WESS, associations and organizations in Iberia and beyond.
  • Develop bibliographic instruction, reference and research aids that cover Iberian topics and assist researchers in the discovery of Iberian information resources.
  • Maintain communication tools, including a website, to further these objectives.
  • Meet during the SALALM annual conference.

  • Current Salalm Iberian Studies (SIS) Chair: Taylor C. Leigh, University of Kentucky Libraries